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Pearl Ladder Bracelet Tutorial




In this PotomacBeads tutorial you will increase your beadweaving skills and learn how to embellish and build on right angle weave. The Pearl Ladder Bracelet is an elegant bead weaving project created with Tubelet beads, Potomac pearls and seed beads.

1. Put a size 10 beading needle onto about 5 feet of size 6 DragonThread. Add a stop bead onto the thread, leaving a couple inches for a tail. Begin the right angle weave by picking up a Tubelet bead, an 11/0 seed bead, a Potomac pearl, another seed bead and another Tubelet.  Add another 11/0 seed bead, Potomac pearl and seed bead and sew back up the first Tubelet bead to pull the beads into the first right angle weave unit.

2. Watch the Pearl Ladder Bracelet tutorial to follow along with Allie as she shows you step-by-step directions to create the beaded bracelet pattern.

3. Create a V shape with 11/0 seed beads at the end of the project to attach the Potomax Infinite clasp to. Do this by picking up 3 seed beads, the clasp and then 3 more seed beads and sew through the last Tubelet bead. Continue embellishing the bracelet with more seed beads. Reinforce the Potomax clasp when you get to the end of the project again. Tie the thread ends and burn the loose edges. Glue a cabochon into the clasp.

The Pearl Ladder Bracelet is a fun design to create. The right angle weave technique, when used with shaped Czech glass beads and pearls, adds an elegance and order to the bracelet design.