2-Hole Bow Bead 3.5mmx15.5mm

Bow Beads

Another unique Czech pressed glass bead, the Bow Bead gets its name from its curved shape, like that of a bow and arrow. The Bow bead is 15.5mm x 3.5mm in size and like many Czech beads, it can be paired with almost any other bead. The unique design and shape of the Bow bead make it stand out and allows for creative and eye-catching designs. It’s available in a number of beautiful Czech colors and coatings and can be used in beadweaving, stringing, and more. Give the Bow bead a try and see how it’s one of a kind shape inspires you!

●Size: 3.5mm x 15.5mm  
●Shape: Curve/Arc  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic   ●Material: Pressed Glass  ●Sold By: Packs of 20