Wimbledon Bracelet Tutorial

Wimbledon Bracelet Tutorial - DIY Project


Designs from the Community

PotomacBeads DIY community members have loved making the Wimbledon bracelet.  Take a look at some of their creations of this tennis bracelet design:

I'm in love with the Wimbledon bracelet design by Allie! I just keep holding it in my hands because it feels so substantial and dainty at the same time. Others have already said it I think, but the extra RAW on the back feels so smooth when it's on. It was also very relaxing to stitch because of the repetitive pattern. -Erin, PotomacBeads community member

Well I made this Wimbledon bracelet. My granddaughter helped me take pics today. I just love blue. Not perfect but love it!
-Linda, PotomacBeads community member

I made 2 Wimbledon bracelets. I really like this pattern. It is very easy to make and I like all the Sparkle.
-Debra, PotomacBeads community member

Wimbledon Bracelet by Debra - Gold and crystal
created by Debra
from the PotomacBeads community
Wimbledon bracelets by Sandy Gionet - Amethyst, ruby, and teal
created by Sandy Gionet
Last night when I couldn't sleep I finally mastered RAW with Allie's Wimbledon bracelet. Thanks for the inspiration! -Cindy, PotomacBeads community member

Two of the Wimbledon bracelets done in gold and rose-gold tones. This bracelet is very sparkly and works up rather quickly. My daughter just left my room with the rose-gold tone one after claiming it. Thanks Allie for another great video!
-Christian, PotomacBeads community member

I had so many nice compliments on my silver Wimbledone bracelet with the vintage clasp! Thank you all so much. I just made a gold one with champagne colored Swrarovski bicones. Found this clasp to match yesterday. I really like it!

-Gina, PotomacBeads community member

"I used to think the Ocean Sunrise bracelet was my favorite. But the Wimbledon bracelet has now moved to the #1 spot n my list!! If you haven't made one of these stunning bracelets yet, you don't know what you're missing!! Thank you Allie & Nathan for sharing such a stunner with us!"
from the PotomacBeads community
Completed the Wimbledon Bracelet today. Absolutely love it. Thank you for the YouTube tutorial.

from the PotomacBeads community
"Had a real love hate relationship with this Wimbledon bracelet. Watched the tutorial so many times I think I can recite it. Now that it’s done, I love it! Picture doesn’t do it justice. Thanks Allie for this beautiful pattern. So glad you did it with a nice clasp. It really adds to the great look!"
from the PotomacBeads community