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Vintage Czech Fringe Bracelet Tutorial


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Use some fun Czech glass to create the Vintage Czech Fringe Bracelet. This PotomacBeads tutorial shares tips and tricks for creating this colorful, playful bracelet. Use up some of your stash or get the kit and have all the materials ready for some beading happiness.


1. Put a size 10 needle onto 5 feet of size 6 or 8 Dragonthread. Put on a stop bead and about 75 seed beads. Add three 11/0s, a cup button and two more 11/0s. Bring the needle back through the first 11/0 and the last seed bead. Get ready to start the fringe.


2. Watch the Vintage Czech Fringe Bracelet tutorial to see how Allie creates her bracelet and find some inspiration and ideas to design your very own playful beaded bracelet.


3. Once you have the wonderful collection of colorful beads strung together, add a 4mm bead and create a loop out of seed beads large enough to fit the cup button. Tie the thread ends together. Reinforce the loop another time. Burn the edges down flush with the project.


The Vintage Czech Fringe Bracelet is a great kit for first time beadweavers. You can make a necklace using the same design. Add some Potomac pearls and gemstones for a new look. The possibilities are endless when creating this fun cha cha bracelet.