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The Year At A Glance

Allie and Nathan, co-founders of PotomacBeads, had a clear, bold vision for 2022 including company growth, more live sales and classes, trade publications, new products, and so much more!! Join as Nathan and Allie Buchman reflect on their yearly goals and see if they hit the mark! Take a look, and give us feedback! We want to hear from you!
In 2022 Nathan and Allie set HUGE goals. These 22 goals helped to shape the general direction of the company but many priorities changed as the year progressed. While this was the most "No"s to accomplishing our written out 2022 goals, many great things goals did get checked off and we are setup for success in 2023. 

2022 Goals

1. Establish measurable goals all departments - YES 
 2. Lean practices with KanBan cards across fulfillment center - NO
 3. More frequent live sales (at least 2x/month), including live from factories - NO
4. Grow relationships with vendors - Travel to 3+ internationally. - YES
5. Launch 12+ new Amazon Products/Kits/Bundles for beaders - YES 
6. Launch 5+ crystal shapes, colors, finishes, and enhance quality.- YES  
7. Launch 2-4 Metal Shapes including 1-2 more infinite clasps - YES 
8. Launch 25+ kits/collections - YES 
9. ERP Improvements: Linking projects to products, review integration, move customer care chat & more - YES 
10. Additional Hires: Purchasing, 2 Production/Fulfillment Specialists. Marketplace manager, Director of Sites, Media Buyer, 2 Writers, Lead Editor, Graphic Designer/Page Builder, Content Strategist, Conversion Optimization/Data Analyst. - NO
11. Experiment with at least 5 additional non-core products (wreaths, craft kits) - NO
12. Acquire at least 1 new business in craft/creative vertical (2022-23 goal) - NO
13. Production & Fulfillment Goals: Reduce avg order pick time by 30%, reduce production time for kits and boards by 30% - YES / NO
14. Designer Kitting (2021 goal) - NO
15. New Friday afternoon email: What is New & Highlighted - NO
16. 90% average inventory stock rate on site - NO
17. Hire new content creator and people for content program (3-4 total people) - NO
18. Hold 4 Live Class Workshops / LIVE Event- In-person preferred 
19. Complete 150+ "How to Bead" content pages, including community members creations  
20. Complete the How-To-Bead Subscription program (2021 goal) 
21. Subscription Box Ad-Ons (2021 goal) 
22. Start a magazine/catalog hybrid (By 3rd Quarter 2022)- YES 

Despite the challenges of 2021 we were proud of our company, community and relationship growth over the last year.  We are excited to share with the
PotomacBeads community all the exciting plans we have for the coming year.  Bring on 2022!


Navigating 2021 has definitely been one for the books.  Here is a brief look at our goals for 2021 and the many ways we have
accomplished and exceeded them.  
We are excited for what 2022 will bring, and thank you for joining us on the journey!

2021 Goals
1. Launch new Website (Spring 2021) - Yes
2. Complete our ERP migration, and set up for purchasing, people, warehouse management - Yes
3. Subscription box add-ons (Spring 2021) - Partially
4. Installation of packaging machine  - Yes
5. Advent Calendar (Fall 2021) - Yes
6. Launch line of Clasps (Spring 2021) - Yes
7. Launch new brand (Storytelling & Children vertical) - No
8. Complete "How to Bead" pages - Partially
9. Amazon product launches (6+ through the year) - Yes
10. The Beading 12-Step Program - Partially
11. Add 25+ new Kits - Yes
12. Acquire a new business in the craft/creative vertical (2021 or 2022) - No
13. Develop a line of thread - Yes (DragonThread)
14. Designer Kitting - No
15. Create 1-2 new Czech glass beads - Yes
16. Create 3-4 new metal design beads/findings - Yes
17. Create 15+ new Potomac Crystal shapes - Yes
18. Add 20+ new colors to Potomac Crystal bicones, rounds, & rondelles - Yes
19. Hire & Train a new Content Creator - No
20. Create more structured departments and defined roles within them - Yes
21. Overwhelmingly positive reviews (4.5+ stars on any 5-star systems) - Yes


Looking Back