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Miyuki Seed Beads (8/0)

Originating in Japan, the uniformity and quality of the Miyuki seed beads makes them among the most popular in the beading world. Their consistency in shape makes them highly-favored in the beading community, allowing for greater precision in beading projects. Miyuki seed beads come packaged in tubes for easy storage and organization in your work area. Although small, and seemingly delicate, these beads are highly durable and are able to stand multiple passes of thread when used in beadweaving. Find premium Miyuki seed beads (8/0) for the unique and eye-catching handmade pieces. We carry a huge selection of colors, hues, and finishes to choose from, giving beaders endless possibilities for color combinations and palettes. Browse now!

●Size: 8/0   ●Shape: Round   ●Country of Origin: Japan ●Material: Japanese Glass   ●Sold By: 14g Tube (~Approx 500 beads/tube) or ~100g Factory Pack (~3,900 beads/pack)
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