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Shoelace Bracelet Tutorial


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The amazing Potomac long oval crystal clasp is the highlight of this shining Shoelace bracelet. Weave the seed beads together to create a pleasing 3D effect with the help of this PotomacBeads tutorial. 

1. Put a stop bead on some Dragon thread with a size 10 needle. You will be using about 10 feet in total of thread. Pick up a 4mm Czech faceted round, followed by six 8/0 Miyuki seed beads and another round. Add another 8/0 and round, bring the needle up the second round and back down the 8/0 and round. Pick up six more seed beads and another round. Square stitch it onto the first row by adding another 8/0 and stitching through the bottom two rounds. This is the base of the bracelet. 

2. Watch the Shoelace bracelet tutorial to continue beading the project with Allie’s step-by-step directions. 

3. Coming out of the first section of beads, sew through the side of the clasp, adding a seed bead to each loop. Reinforce by threading through a second time for stability. Tie off the end. Burn any loose threads.  

You’ll love how easy it is to stitch together this Shoelace bracelet. There are so many different looks you can achieve by using different colors and patterns. Enjoy showing off your unique style with this bead weaved beauty.