Rullas Beads
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Rulla Beads

Yet another great 2-Hole bead from the Czech Republic, our Rulla beads are two-hole, cylinder-pressed beads that add a unique touch to any project. The two holes appear at the top and bottom of the bead and run from one side to the other. Because of its similarities in size and hole placement, the Rulla is easily interchangeable with other beads such as SuperDos, 2-Hole Bars, 2-Hole Bricks and more. Rulla beads are available in so many great colors, from bright metallics and gemstones colors, to light pastels, magic finishes and more. These 3x5mm beads are sold in 14g tubes. Shop now to add to your bead collection and let them inspire you to create something amazing!
●Size: 3mm x 5mm   ●Shape: Cylindrical  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic   ●Material: Pressed Glass  ●Sold By: ~14g Tube (~130 beads/tube)