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Rio Earrings Tutorial




Anna from PotomacBeads will show you how to make some festive Rio earrings. These earrings use a variety of stitches to complete, and the fringes really add some fun. You'll be sure to sway through your day with these earrings!  


  1. 1. Put a stop bead on the end of your thread and pick up two tubelet beads. Loop around and thread back through the first tubelet bead so they sit next to each other. This is a ladder stitch. Thread up through the second tubelet bead and pick up another bead. Continuing on until you have six tubelet beads in a row. 


  1. 2. Build the first fringe on the bottom by picking up a round, disco ball and bicone all separated by a seed bead. Use three seed beads at the bottom for a stop, thread back through the other beads up to the top. Don't pull the thread so tight that the fringe is stiff. Watch the Rio earrings tutorial to see how to build the other fringes.  


  1. 3. Use a right angle weave pattern at the top using seed beads to build up the top of the earring so you can attach an earwire to it.  


Looking for a fun and easy project? Rio earrings are perfect! They're so versatile - you can use a variety of beads to personalize them, or make the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for a friend. PotomacBeads has everything you need to get started, including a great selection of beads in all colors and styles. So get creative and have fun!