Potomax Infinite Cabochon Clasp 12.5mm Pack of 2
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Potomax Infinite Cabochon Clasp 12.5mm Pack of 2


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Size: 12.5mm
Sold By: Bag
Pack Quantity: Pack of 2
Material Component: Metal

Product Brand: PotomacBeads

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Beautifully crafted clasps with a bezel setting for 10mm cabochons. These clasps are well… infinite! You can use (and simply glue in) any cabochon color to make a gorgeous clasp that matches your project. Pick your own cabochon, or even create your own cabochon with paper. Change your designs and customize them to suit any design. Each clasp has a 10mm (9.7mm to be exact) inner bezel space, and outside diameter is 12.5x14.5mm. The setting is 4.8mm high by itself, and 9.3mm when set with a 10mm cabochon.

Infinite Clasps are available in the following metal finishes/colors:

  • Premium 99.9% Silver Plated

  • Premium 24kt Gold Plated

  • Premium 24kt Rose Gold Plated

  • Premium Antique Brass Plated

  • Premium Antique Copper Plated

  • Premium Gunmetal Plated

Craft your own custom clasps

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How to Use Infinite Clasps

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How to Glue Infinite Clasps

Step 1: Pick your clasp (6 metals available)
Step 2: Pick your cabochon (40 colors available)
Step 3: Add a small drop of glue (2-3mm drop) to the bezel on the clasp
Step 4: Apply your cabochon to the glue drop, and spin the cabochon around to spread out the glue on the bezel

After gluing your cabochon, just wait 15 minute for the glue to harden, and you are ready to add a beautiful custom clasp to your project!