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Octagram Necklace Tutorial

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In this PotomacBeads tutorial, learn how to use a Peyote stitch to create the wonderful Octagram Necklace. Let Allie guide you through the simple steps to design a pendant with a nice geometric look. 

1. Put a stop bead onto some size 6 Dragonthread, leaving about an inch for a tail. Using a size 10 needle, pick up a tubelet and 3 delica beads. Repeat the pattern for a total of eight times. Bring the needle back up the first 5 beads. This will create a loop for the back of the pendant. 

2. Watch the Octagram Necklace tutorial to follow along with Allie’s step-by-step directions to create this beautiful beaded pendant. 

3. Add a new thread to the needle for the necklace. Create a pattern with tubelet beads and Potomac crystal rondelles. Put a clasp at the ends of the beaded chain. Reinforce the beads and tie off the thread. 

The Octagram necklace is a quick project to complete and can easily be customized with your favorite colors. Check out PotomacBeads’ large collection of quality beads and materials to help you on your beading journey.