Miyuki Seed Beads Size 2/0
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Miyuki Seed Beads (2/0)

Like all Miyuki seed beads, the Miyuki 2/0 seed beads are known best for their quality, durability, and consistent shape, color and size. Much larger than your typical seed bead, the Miyuki 2/0 seed beads can be paired with a number of larger stringing materials that are not possible with much smaller seed beads. These beads can be used in basic beadweaving but also with satin rattail, leather cording, ribbon, silk, knotting cord, parachute cord, stretchy string and more. Because of their large hole, they are also great for kids beading projects! They are great when used as spacers, pair well with almost any other bead, and come in a variety of beautiful colors. Have fun and get creative with Miyuki 2/0 seed beads!

Country of Origin: Japan Size: 6x4 mm Material: Glass Hole: 2 Shape: Round ●Quantity: Approx. 50 beads per pack

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