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Looped Over Earrings Tutorial




In this PotomacBeads Tutorial, we'll show you how to make these Looped Over Earrings. They're a unique and playful way to show off your style!  


  1. 1. Take a wire and bend it in half. Slide the crimp tube over both strands and push the tube down until you have a little loop. Make a flat crimp with pliers. Make two more, stringing the wire through the first loop so the will hang off the first piece. 


  1. 2. Begin with the smaller crystals. Put a crystal on a wire and add a crimp tube on. Push both pieces up to the top and squish down the tube to hold the bead. Add crystals to all the wires. Take another strand of wire and attach it to the middle of the bottom three wires. Then attach two more wires to that one. Add crystals as before, this will make a more full look.  


  1. 3. Add the last piece of wire to hold the teardrop crystal, add a crimp bead and run the wire back up through the crystal to form a little loop for your earwire.  


If you love jewelry and you love being eco-friendly, then you'll love this project! It's a great way to reduce waste and upcycle those scraps you have lying around. These looped over earrings are so easy to make and they look great! Plus, they're a great way to show off your personality. You can use any beads you have on hand, so get creative!