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Hugs & Kisses Updated Tutorial




Watch as one of PotomacBeads most popular projects gets an update with some Potomac crystal bicones and pearls. Learn how to create More Hugs and Kisses with 2 needles in this PotomacBeads tutorial.  


1. Put 2 needles onto about 5 feet of thread. Pick up a Potomac pearl. Put another pearl onto each needle. Criss-cross through a fourth Potomac pearl. This is the first right angle weave/diagonal stitch. Make sure both sides of the thread are of equal length. 


2. Watch the More Hugs and Kisses tutorial with Anna as she guides you through the process of creating the classic beaded bracelet design. Follow along as she embellishes the bracelet with Potomac crystal bicones and seed beads. 


3. Tie off the thread at the end of the project. Add a new piece of thread, with a stop bead, to one needle. Sew through the last pearl and pick up a few seed beads, pass through the loop of an antique copper toggle and pick up a few more seed beads. Add another loop of seed beads to the pearl and toggle. Reinforce. Add the other side of the toggle to the other end of the project.  


The More Hugs and Kisses bracelet is an elegant bracelet with just the right amount of sparkle from the Potomac crystals. Have fun beading your own version or making one for someone special.