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Herringbone Crystal Rivoli Bezel Tutorial




Learn how to use a Herringbone stitch to create a dazzling pendant in this PotomacBeads tutorial. The Herringbone Crystal Rivoli Bezel is a project suitable for most beading skill levels and will make a great statement piece for a beautiful necklace. 
1. Put an 11/0 seed bead onto the end of the size 6 DragonThread and thread through it again to create a stop bead for your project. Pick up another 11/0 seed bead and thread back up the stop bead so the beads sit next to each other. Add 2 more beads and go down the second seed bead so that they sit on top. Pick up 1 more seed bead and thread up the third bead. Pick up two more Toho 11/0 seed beads to continue the Herringbone stitch.  
2. Watch the Herringbone Crystal Rivoli Bezel tutorial to follow along with Anna as she guides you through the process of creating the beaded bezel for the Potomac crystal Rivoli and then shows you how to embellish it with some sparkling Potomac crystal bicones and Czech glass beads. 
3. Use a new piece of DragonThread to create a bail on the back of the pendant. Thread through a couple of the beads on the innermost ring of the seed bead bezel. Use a ladder stitch to create a row of Toho 11/0 seed beads, two wide. Create a loop large enough to fit the necklace you will be putting the crystal pendant onto.  
The Herringbone Crystal Rivoli Bezel is a fun pendant project to design. Use your favorite Potomac crystals and Czech glass beads to create an eclectic fringe full of personal style. The Rivoli pendant will look amazing on the 3 Drop Twisted Herringbone Rope Necklace.