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Growing Cube Earrings Tutorial

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Discover how to use a Cubic Right Angle Weave stitch to create the Growing Cube Earrings in this PotomacBeads tutorial. These cute cube dangle earrings will put a smile on your face. 


1. Put 4 RounDuo minis onto about an arm’s span length of beading thread. Tie the thread into a knot. Pass the needle through the next bead to hide the knot and bring the needle through the outer hole of the RounDuo mini. Add 3 more beads and thread back through the same hole. This forms the second RAW unit. 


2. Watch the Growing Cube Earrings tutorial to follow along with Dena as she shows you how to create the beaded cubes. 


3. Add a wire guard to a corner of the cube. Sew through the seed beads to position the wire guard and reinforce. Bring the thread down into the project a little and tie a couple knots. Add jump rings and an ear wire. 


Have fun making cubes of all sizes with the Growing Cube Earrings pattern. Try out your favorite color combinations and give a pair to a friend.