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Grecian Evil Eye Pendant Tutorial

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This PotomacBeads tutorial shows you how to use a marquis oval form and brick stitch to create a beaded pendant. The Grecian Evil Eye Necklace will glitter as it stares out at you with its Potomac crystal center. 1. Knot about 4 feet of thread onto the form. Add eight 11/0s, fifteen 15/0s and eight more 11/0s. Bring the needle over top of the form and through the 11/0s and two 15/0s. Add eleven more 15/0s and sew into the first two 15/0s and seven of the 11/0s. Pick up one more 11/0 and bring the needle around the form and back through the seed bead and the line of 11/0s. This forms the center line of the eye. 2. Watch the Grecian Evil Eye Necklace tutorial to follow along with Allie’s step-by-step directions to create the design of the beaded pendant. 3. Add the wire guards to the top of the eye to create a pendant. Or place the wire guards on either side to create a component piece. Tie off the thread and burn down the loose ends. Use the skills you learn in the Grecian Evil Eye Necklace tutorial to come up with all sorts of new designs to decorate the perfect forms found at PotomacBeads. They make incredible jewelry pendants and earrings.

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