Czech Fire Polished Beads Faceted Round
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Faceted Round Beads | Czech Fire Polished


Find your favorite Czech glass faceted round beads. These fire polished round beads are pressed, tumbled, faceted, fire polished, then coated to match the hundreds of other popular Czech glass shapes. 

"Fire Polished" is the traditional term for Czech faceted round beads. Fire polishing is the process by which the faceted beads are headed to make the bead facets shiny. Fire polished beads are available in various sizes from 2mm through 12mm+.  

Faceted round beads are perfect for thousands of beading and jewelry-making patterns.  Whether you are stringing, bead weaving, or more, you will enjoy using these fire polished round beads in your designs.  You can use faceted in any design that calls for a round bead... gemstone, pearl, smooth round, fire polished round or crystal!

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~100 beads per pack

~100 beads per pack
~50 beads per pack
~25 beads per pack
10mm+ Faceted Round
Varies by size

Czech Faceted Round Beads - White Opal
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