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Congratulations to the Prism Collection Winners! 

After tallying the votes and the social media interactions to photos.... here are the amazing designs by Potomac Beaders. 

                        Adne Weaver
                                   Grand Prize Winner Banner Image 01
                             Jen Bumann - 3rd Banner Image 03


      Cast your vote for the top three designs that captivate your imagination and showcase exceptional creativity. These talented designers have poured their hearts and skills into crafting stunning jewelry pieces for this challenge, and your opinion will play a crucial role in determining the winners.

      Odoo • Image and Text

      Prism Collection - Design Challenge

      Make something great with the  Prism Collection  and upload your designs to  Facebook® Instagram® , or the  Beading and Jewelry Making  Facebook Group  using the hashtag #PrismCollection.

      The collection value is $150 and is available during the challenge for only $59.99.
      The challenge starts on June 2nd with July 13th as the last chance to submit designs with the following great prizes for the most creative submissions:

      1st Prize - $250
      2nd Prize - $150
      3rd Prize - $75

      Tues, July 25th - The winner will be selected and announced on FB LIVE 
      Wed, July 26th - A video with the winners will be published on YouTube. 

      We can't wait to see what you create.



      Watch the Design Challenge Video with Allie & Anna for details about the challenge and inspiration in what to make.


      WHAT NOW

      The possibilities are endless! With so many beads, crystals, and findings there is something for everyone! Plus, how else can you get over $150 worth of beading happiness for only $59.99?

      Check out our Social Media pages for customer creations using the Prism Collection.

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      • Can I use materials not in the collection?  - In order to keep the competition fair and everyone on a level playing field, please use only the materials that were included with the collection.  However, thread, needles, wire ect. may be used.  

      • Can I make multiple pieces? - YES!  Create all the designs you would like and tag them with #prismcollection

      • How are the winners selected? - Winners are based on the level of social engagement that their posts receive.  The more people LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE your post, the better your chances.  So, promote your posts.  Additionally, project uniqueness, structure, use of materials and design will be taken into account for the voting process.  Final winners will be chosen by Potomacbeads staff members. 

      • Is there a minimum required number of components that must be used? - Nope, there are no required number of beads that need to be used in each design.  But, a mixure of components often lead to more unique designs.  

      • If a set (matching earrings and necklace) are made, is it one or two submission? - Each piece of jewelry is a separate submission (the earrings are one, the necklace is another).  

      WHAT NOW








      The following message will become visible only once the countdown ends.

      Challenge Finished

      Check out our social media pages for the results and winners.

      The Fine Print
      No Purchase is Necessary to win and all Facebook® and Instagram® posts of original designs must use the #PrismCollection and must be tagged in the post for consideration to win. Posts not easily found via a basic search of Facebook® or Instagram® for the #PrismCollection will not be considered as entries to this contest. Purchases from does not increase your chances to win. Facebook®, Instragram®, or any other Social Media on which you may find this promotion does not condone, sponsor, or is in any way related to this contest or, dba PotomacBeads. As of July 13, 2023, at 1 P.M. EDT, only the Facebook® or Instragm® posts of original designs using the #PrismCollection and using the tag and easily found via Facebook® or Instagram® search with the most likes will be taken into consideration as the winner of a $150 (USD) gift certificate (cash value $0) to  The post of an original design with the second most likes as of July 13, 2023, at 1 P.M. EDT, and easily found via Facebook® or Instagram® search, will be taken into consideration for the second prize of  $75 (USD) gift certificate to (cash value $0), and the post of an original design with the third most likes as of July 13, 2023, at 1 P.M. EDT, and easily found via Facebook® or Instagram® search, will be taken into consideration for the second prize of a $50 (USD) gift certificate to (cash value $0). In the case of a tie for the most likes, reserves the right to end this contest at any time with or without notice. has no affiliation with this contest and the awarded prizes can not be transferred to or any other holdings of, PotomaxBrands, or Void where prohibited and the awarded prize can not be transferred to any other individual than the persons selected on July 13, 2023, 1 P.M. EDT. The selected winner(s) will be attempted to be contacted via Facebook® or Instagram®. If the selected winner(s) do not respond within 5 days of July13, 2023, they will forfeit the winnings. These terms and conditions apply to all states, countries, and Proveniences where allowed and can change at any time without written or any other notices. Again, this contest is void where prohibited. By using the tag #PotomacBeadsAtlantisCollection, you agree to these terms and conditions. 

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