Crystal Angel Earrings Tutorial - PotomacBeads

Crystal Angel Earrings Tutorial



In this PotomacBeads Tutorial, Allie teaches you how to make her Crystal Angel Earrings. These beautiful earrings are perfect for any occasion, and they make a great gift! 

  1. To begin the Crystal Angel earrings you will be making a triangle with a RounDuo mini, a Potomac Crystal Briolette, another mini, another briolette, a final mini and a crystal drop. Let the beads drop down the thread and tie the ends into a knot to create the triangle effect.

  2. Add some seed beads to the triangle to form the angel wings. Put the spacer at the top with some seed beads to create a crown for the angel.

  3. Bring the thread back down to the bottom and tie thread ends. Add your earwire making sure your angel is facing forward. 

These beautiful Crystal Angel Earrings from PotomacBeads are perfect for the holiday season! You can use different colors of crystals to match whatever you're wearing, and they can easily be adapted to make a butterfly instead of an angel. They're so versatile and easy to wear, you'll be getting compliments all season long!