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Cookie Cutter Bracelet Tutorial


Learn how to create criss-cross cookie patterned links in this PotomacBeads tutorial. The Cookie Cutter Bracelet is a suitable project for beaders of all skill levels and doesn’t use too many different supplies either. 


1. Put a size 10 needle onto 5 feet of size 6 DragonThread. Add a stop bead to the end, leaving enough of a tail to add a clasp with. Add four 8/0 seed beads, each followed by a Czech fire polished round. Bring the needle back up the first 3 beads and pull into a loop. 


2. Watch the Cookie Cutter Bracelet tutorial to follow along with Allie’s step-by-step directions to create the pattern used in her beaded bracelet design. 


3. Once you’re finished with the design, it’s time to add the clasp. Add 8 seed beads and sew through a lobster figure 8 clasp. Reinforce the loop of seed beads a couple more times. Bring the thread down into the project and tie off with a bridge thread. Create a seed bead loop on the other end of the bracelet. Burn any loose edges throughout the project.  


Use the Cookie Cutter Bracelet design to make a necklace. Have fun playing with different color combinations to make a sweet bracelet to suit your style.