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Branch Fringe Earrings Tutorial



These flowing Branch Fringe Earrings are the perfect fall time accessory. This PotomacBeads tutorial shows you how to create a simple fringe design using only a handful of materials. Using a size 10 needle, add a stop bead to about 2.5 feet of thread, leaving a little bit of a tail. Add sixteen 8/0 seed beads. Pick up a rondelle and five 11/0 seed beads. Add three more seed beads and go through one hole of the 2-hole bell. Pick up three 11/0s, an 8/0, and three more 11/0s and bring the needle back up the second hole of the bell. String on three more 11/0s and sew back through the first group of five 11/0s, rondelle, and one 8/0. You are now ready to add the branches of the fringe. Watch the Branch Fringe Earrings tutorial to follow along with Allie’s step-by-step directions to complete the pattern. Once you’re finished putting on the fringe, add a rondelle at the top. Put on a wire guard and sew back down through the rondelle. Tie the two thread ends together, then go back up through the rondelle and wire guard to reinforce. Tie the threads once more and burn the ends. It’s easy to adapt this pattern to make the Branch Fringe Earrings as long or as short as you like. Try them out in different color schemes or use this design to make a fun bracelet. You can find all of the materials needed to make these beaded earrings and more at PotomacBeads.