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Arctic Waves Bracelet Tutorial




Learn how to create a ladder stitch base in this PotomacBeads tutorial. The Arctic Waves bracelet has a wavy texture with icy cool Potomac crystals for added bling.  


1. Pick up a seed bead and thread through the bead again to create a stop bead, leaving a couple inches for a tail. Add 2 more seed beads. Pick up another 3 seed beads and pass the needle back up through the first 3 beads. Bring the needle down the second set of seed beads, add another 3 seed beads. Continue on with the ladder stitch until you have the length of your bracelet. 


2. Watch the Arctic Waves Bracelet tutorial to follow along with Anna as she shows you how to create the pattern used to embellish her beautiful beaded bracelet design. 


3. Cut a new piece of thread and bring the needle through the center seed bead in the last row of ladder stitch. Pick up an 11/0 and pass through the clasp and pick up another 11/0. Bring the needle down through the bracelet and then reinforce the clasp. Glue the cabochon into the Potomax infinite clasp. 


Have fun creating the gorgeous Arctic Waves Bracelet. It’s a dazzling accessory that you will love to show off and maybe even give as a gift to someone special.